The Party Gets Ahead (or Five)...

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Having decided to camp out by the lake, I set us up with a Tiny Hut spell, and we camped out for the day. I played my flute, and Quip-Qo rested from the previous night’s adventures.

The night was quiet. We took a pair of canoes across the lake in the morning.

The city on the other side looked to be in poor repair. The city was overgrown, and there was trash floating in the water. Aelar saw a change in the water, and I created a Major Image of a third canoe to “scout” ahead. There was a sudden splash, a feint glimpse of a reptilian tail, and a giant wave came up to knock over my would-be-canoe.

I pulled our canoe off to the side, seeking a nearby dock’s safety. Quip-Qo saw an opportunity, and leaped from his boat, jumped off of ours, and landed safely on the dock. Unfortunately, his jump onto our boat threw us off balance, and launched Aelar, Kairon, and myself into the water. Quip-Qo pulled Kairon out of the water, and Aelar swam up to safety. Aelar told us that he saw nothing but scales in the water, and began shooting into the water.

Kairon cast his darkness thing, Nar pulled me out of the water. I cast a cloud of daggers into the water and slashed it. Quip-Qo stunned it.

Just then, the creature emerged from the water behind us and began biting at Nar and myself on the boat. Aelar spun around and fired an arrow at the beast. Just as the arrow hit landed, it burst into a hail of thorns and struck all of the heads simultaneously. Nar pulled the boat up to the dock, and we both leaped to safety. I accessed my Ioun Stone, and pulled a beam of light from the moon towards the beast. Quip-Qo swam back over to it and punched it, stunning it again slightly. Nar reached over and stabbed at it with his lance, and the beast roared in exhaustion, and collapsed into the water.

We looted the body, and pulled the boats to shore. After a short rest, we began our way into the town. We looked at the first set of buildings we could find. They were meager residential homes, and seemed to have been abandoned in moderate haste; clothes remained on the shelves, food was in the larder, and so on. Nothing valuable was left behind – no silver, or anything like that – but nothing seemed to be taken with it’s owners.

We continued to investigate several other buildings, and didn’t find anything different. Nar split off and head further into town, while Quip-Qo wanted to check out the last building closest to the forest.

Kairon knocked, no answer. Quip-Qo tried the door, it was locked. He sundered it, walked in. He stepped on a tile, got frozen. He eventually came loose. Meanwhile, I heard a sound in the bushes, and cast sleep; I heard something snoring, but still heard rustling. I prestidigitated the scent of bear urine inside the bushes to scare off whatever was still lurking. Nothing happened, so I walked forward to investigate. I saw a monstrous spider sleeping on it’s web, when out of nowhere, a branch swung out and attacked me in the face!

Aelar attacked the tree monster, I threw a cloud of daggers at it. Kairon and Quip-Qo came downstairs and started attacking it. I Thunderblasted into it and missed, but caught the spider, who was flung backwards. Aelar continued to fire arrows at the tree monster, eventually felling it. The spider came back for me, and I began mocking it relentlessly. It fired a web at me, but was too distracted from my mockery to successfully hit me. It, too, was put down by Aelar, and we began looting the tree… which immediately ran away from us! Kairon fired an eldritch blast at the tree, and killed it completely. Quip-Qo considered summoning Terrance, but thought the better of it.


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