This note was produced by Wellington at The Stumbling Centipede in Clearfall. It was signed by Alethra, and offered the party employment if they agreed to protect the city until she returned.

Welcome to Clearfall.

I’d hoped to do this in person, but unfortunately larger matters have called me away; conveniently, that’s also where you come in. I need someone skilled to watch the gate. As compensation for your inconvenience, I’ve left a small token of my gratitude. You can open it by saying the word “yes”, and then I’ll know that your decision to stay and take care of the place and its people is a binding magical contract between us. If at any point you wish to dissolve the contract, your intent will be clear from your actions and the token will simply be revoked.
There are many who would seek entrance to Clearfall. The gate will lock automatically behind you, so please make sure to keep the key on you anytime you pass through or you risk being trapped.

Your grateful servant,


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