The Intimidation of Kardira

(Not completed yet)

While we continued our libations at the The Stumbling Centipede, we pondered the scope of our duty.

I questioned one of the serving staff about Alethra. Alethra created Clearfall and maintains it’s security. She controls the Clearfall Gate when in town. There is a Key of some sort. Kairon began to intimidate the poor woman, and found that there was a new district being built. After a moment of intimidation, I sent the poor woman on her way.

We headed back to The Clearfall Resort to speak with Kardira. We were told about the Registry, and about how often to open the Gate. Kardira also told us about some newcomers that had caused trouble in town. She offered to get us a report of them in the morning.

Kairon nominated Nar to take first watch, and he agreed. In an interesting turn of events, Nar thought he was guarding the Gate, and not the party. As we slept, completely unprotected, strange and malevolent things were going on around us. We later found out that Quip-Qo’s room was broken into by Strange Monsters.

Quip-Qo shouted for help, we all woke up to help. Kairon sent for Nar, who came running. I cast spells on the creatures on the courtyard to slow them, and draw their attention. Quip-Qo ran outside and touched his gift to the earth, summoning a large earth elemental. The elemental began pummeling the intruders, and we quickly began retaking … ground (if you’ll parden my pun). The party rejoined us in the courtyard, and Nar came running to our aid. With a single attack, he lunged for the beast and smote it to the ground. We calmed down the onlookers (mostly children), and went back to sleep.

The next day we questioned Kardira
tracked the salamander into town, lost the trail
I made an announcement to gather information
a gruff man from the back, who later introduced himself as Gregor, told us he isn’t surprised. Got all Trump-ey, talking about unnatural things where the common man lives.

He led us through town towards the water
The lake got swampy and gross, “kind of feels icky”.
Across the lake there used to be a town across the lake; nobody knows what happened to it or if it’s still there. Travel across the lake is no longer possible. We’ve decided to camp out by the lake and see what comes up.

Three Tailed Fox


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