Kitsune and the 5 Elements

Quip-Qo proceeded into the house, pointing out the trap on the floor to all of us as we entered. He ventured down the hall and into the “lavish” meeting room, and into the kitchen. The larder was locked, so I asked Quip-Qo to open it for us. He sundered it, and we looked inside and found nothing of importance.

As they were searching the larder, I made my way to the back door… and accidentally triggered a lightning trap. After “calmly” pointing out the location of the trap, we headed upstairs. Quip-Qo spent a little time looking for traps at the top of the stairs, and expertly concluded there was nothing. Upstairs, we found a long hallway leading to a large bedroom. The bedroom had featured several bookshelves containing books on various topics. Interestingly, there was a small desk containing a picture of Tirastra Stormwind, matching the signed portrait contained in the locket she had gifted to me. While I investigated this, Kairon found a hollow space above the staircase. Quip-Qo punched through the door, and found a strange bowl filled with water. When gazing into the bowl, we were able to see ourselves, including Nar, who was not yet with us at the time. We took the bowl with us, and left the room.

As we walked out of the room, the rug Quip-Qo stepped over reached up and grabbed at his feet, attempting to wrap him up in it. Kairon shot the rug with bolts of force, and Quip-Qo let out a loud scream – some of the damage had been transferred to him! Just then, the plate armor in the study, as well as the longsword, hurled themselves off of the wall and into action.

After a long and harrowing battle, we finally overcame the constructs and scattered them to the floor. During the fight that preceded, however, the longsword knocked over a Small Journal with some papers that appeared to be hidden inside their pages.

The book appeared to be a journal written in Abyssal, and the author discussed not liking Alethra. It claimed she didn’t make the pocket dimension of Clearfall as she had claimed, and that it was clearly created by the old masters. It claimed to be very easy to summon the old masters back, if only she had certain materials.

After resting for the night, we went out into the village to look for Nar. We headed for the main building in the center of town, which appeared to be a large dining hall. We heard rustling noises coming from the far end of the room, and asked if it was Nar, but heard no answer. I attempted to put the noise to sleep, and nothing happened. Quip-Qo moved closer to investigate, and discovered a terrible smell. We quickly braced for battle, and Kairon summoned a void in the corner to isolate it into the void. I threw a fireball into the void for good measure, and Quip-Qo readied himself to attack anything that came out. That “anything” turned out to be several brown tentacles. They were quickly put down, however their remains gave no hint to their origin.

We took the trail out of town, and quickly came across a fork in the road. One trail led further down the path, which seemed to be where Nar went. The other direction, however, led towards a gate featuring stone-carved foxes with three tails, similar to what we found at The Clearfall Resort. We headed towards the gate, which immediately opened into a small clearing with some trees, a few buildings, and a slightly larger building.

The first small structure was a fountain with a dragon and large dipping spoons resting in the water. The second structure held sheets of paper, and the tree had the papers tied to them. Behind the clearing was a larger building with an ancient shrine and a large bell.

We stepped forward to the paper box, and each grabbed a fortune:

  • I grabbed a sheet of paper, which had a picture of Tirastra on one side, and on the other it said “You will pay a great price, but receive a great reward”.
  • Quip-Qo’s paper said “What you seek follows closer than you know.” A small vial with steaming blue liquid was attached.
  • Aelar’s said “Fortify your mind, for a great friend may also become a great foe.” On the back was a symbol of 5 colors in a row; Black, Brown, Blue, Red, Yellow.
  • Kairon’s “The pact feels one-sided, and I want to see a visible sign of your commitment.”
  • (We later found out that Nar’s fortune read “Your consequences will also be their consequences”)

We then proceeded forward towards the offering box, and each made our offerings:

  • Quip-Qo offered 5 gold, herbs, and a dragon fang.
  • Aelar offered 5 gold, and a prayer to his god.
  • I offered 20 gold, and performed a somber, yet expertly performed, rendition of Tirastra’s fanfare on my flute.
  • Kairon offered 20 gold, and sliced his hand to offer his own blood.

On our way out of the shrine, we saw a small three-tailed fox, the very same as the statue outside the clearing, which was watching us. We attempted to talk to it, motion to it, and even detected it’s magical aura (Conjuration), but nothing remarkable happened. We left the clearing, and it follows us out.

We headed back to the fork, and took the other path that Nar went down. The trail was surrounded by small statues, small stone “buildings”, and stacked rocks. The rocks were always in sets of 5, with a symbol on each. Quip-Qo explained that the symbols represented the 5 elements; Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Nothingness. We quickly realized that the 5 colors we saw before seemed to match up with those symbols.

Continuing further down the path, we crossed a small statue and the three-tailed fox started yipping at us. We looked at it and it walked towards the statue. It began digging at the base of the statue, and we helped it, eventually finding a small vial of dark red liquid inside, which was clearly a healing potion. We continued further up the path, and the fox growled at a side path to our left. It attempted to protect us from the trail, and we headed forward ahead of it. When we got further up ahead, we heard faint music, and saw a figure in white hunched over a grave. Kairon addressed the woman, who claimed to be mourning her dead husband. I told her that we were lost, and were hoping to get some help. She said she’d help me if I could answer a question for her. She asked if I still thought she was beautiful, then removed the fan that was covering her face to reveal a giant gash splitting her face in half.

She raised a ton of skeletons, mind controlled josh, spells didn’t work. Killed the skeletons, grappled her. She left josh’s body, entered RJ. I slowed RJ, Kitsune attacked. Josh went to her husband’s grave, stomped on the stringed instrument behind it, the music stopped. Coincidentally, she left shortly afterwards (unreleated).


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